Wednesday, March 2, 2011

scamper stand for
m-modify ,magnify,minify
p-put to other use
r-reverse rearrange

scamper is a technique that can help u improve ur sketching

for example substitue-try to substitute an object with another by looking for something to come up with new ideas

combine-combining two or more part to achieve a different product/process or to enhance synergy.

shape borrowing it to take a shape from another object to form a new object to make it more attractive for people to buy.
for example: the shape of a glue has been taken to make butter so that we can just spread the butter just like how we spread glue

or for example the sydney shaw house the design has been taken to make a sharperner so people will find it more interesting and people will buy it for example tourist when they see this they would want to buy it as a souverniour